Gamification in marketing: why Maxim E-hailing service launched a quiz for its users

Maxim, an online service provider, recently launched “A journey around the world with Maximka,” a quiz thathelps people learn about the unique features of countries around the world, including Malaysia, through a series of fun questions.

Gamification in marketing: why Maxim E-hailing service launched a quiz for its users

Maxim’s specialists shared the details on why the company decided to use game mechanics and how their clients’ loyalty has changed since the launch of the quiz.

Gamification is a popular method of interaction between companies and their users that utilizes game mechanics. It helps create a positive image of the company and promote its services among various social groups in an entertaining way. Besides that, gamification helps Maxim build communication and strong relationships with its clients and also cheer them up, 

says Ahmad Shabrie Sairun, Maxim regional development manager.

While taking the quiz, players are accompanied by Maximka, the service’s cartoon mascot. He helps the participants move around the world and discover new facts about the culture, history and geography of different countries.

During the game, not only do the players test their knowledge of country facts and learn some new ones, but they also get a coherent image of the Maxim service, subconsciously associating it with the mascot. In the future, it’s this guy the players will automatically think of when they hear or see the brand name,

explains Justin Majin, head of the Maxim unit in Bandar Miri.

After answering all the questions, the users can view their results. The game also prompts the players to submit their contact information to receive Maxim promotional messages.

According to the service analysts, about 82% of the quiz participants took an interest in it, began communicating with the brand and started answering the questions. What’s more, almost everyone who completed the quiz proceeded to fill out the form with their contact information. 

This indicates a high level of the users’ loyalty. Only 18% of the customers immediately closed the quiz. In addition, people spent about 1 minute playing the game, showing a high interest in the game mechanics used by the Maxim service.

Currently, there are millions of brands in the world: advertising surrounds us on every website, flyer and banner, we get hundreds of push notifications on our phones every single day. All of this makes it very difficult to win users’ attention. We managed to keep it for one minute. For a whole minute, the user was engaged with our brand only, focusing on our logo, mascot and brand elements. This is a big win for marketing. It became possible thanks to the unconventional form of interaction,

says Mohd Hazwan Musley, head of the Maxim service in Malaysia.

You can try out this game by following this link:

Gamification in marketing: why Maxim E-hailing service launched a quiz for its users

About Maxim

Maxim was launched in Malaysia in 2018. The first order was completed in Kuantan. Now the service operates in 70 more cities.

Since 2018, the company has been developing innovative technologies for ordering transport for delivery and other services, making it more modern, accessible and safe. The service has created the system that makes it possible to register an unlimited number of clients and performers, and process millions of orders.

The Maxim app for ordering services and the Taxsee Driver app for performing orders are among the top apps with millions of users.

Application is available in the following platforms:  Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei AppGallery,GetApps, Oppo App Market, Vivo App Store and Galaxy Store.

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